vemavehiclelifecycleVEMA provides full service Leases and Fleet Management, from financing to disposal. Essentially, your vehicle’s full life cycle is completely taken care of with VEMA. Here is a breakdown of what utilizing the full offering of our services would look like.

Phase 1: Financing

Our leases are flexible. We recommend lease terms based on the operating and use information you provide. The final decision is always yours.

What we do:

  • Recommend a lease term based on your unique use and operating conditions
  • Provide access to volume discounts on vehicles

Phase 2: Selection and Acquisition

With VEMA, you get proactive support with vehicle selection and replacement planning. We manage the entire acquisition process from identifying vehicles that should be replaced and managing the purchase, to ensuring that the vehicle is completely outfitted when you pick it up. You also benefit from our volume purchase of approximately 400 vehicles every year.

What we do:

  • Manage your replacement program
  • Develop and recommend vehicle specifications
  • Source or customize unique public sector vehicles like prisoner escort vehicles, wheelchair accessible buses and vans, and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Purchase vehicles in volume to give you the lowest lease rates
  • Coordinate delivery with the manufacturer
  • Coordinate outfitting

Phase 3: Insurance and Registration

Our Insurance Service is a full service program that looks after the administrative burden of issuing licence plates, renewals, and deductible changes. VEMA is an accredited Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) agent and can issue licence plates and stickers right from our head office in Winnipeg. We deal directly with MPI on your behalf to make sure you and your vehicles are properly insured.

Through our automated program, we monitor licence numbers, track upcoming renewals and expiration dates, and verify required renewals. We also ensure that your insurance coverage is appropriate to your needs.

What we do:

  • Register and plate new vehicles
  • Renew policies
  • Make territory changes
  • Ensure registration accuracy
  • Coordinate replacement registrations and plates
  • Cancel plates as necessary
  • Apply a discount to your annual insurance invoice

Phase 4: Vehicle Equipment and Operation

The Operating phase of the vehicle life cycle is the longest and one of the most important. Here, we move into cost minimization and track every event and cost affecting your vehicle.

What we do:

  • Negotiate discounts on parts, fuel, tires, and service with private repair facilities
  • Monitor your repairs and maintenance through our Repair Pre-Authorization Service
  • Capture all of your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance in Keys™, our management system
  • Manage accident claims with MPI
  • Report on use and present you with saving opportunities

Phase 5: Disposal

Determining the right time to dispose of a vehicle is an important fleet management decision. Keeping a vehicle beyond its economic life costs you in the end—through higher lease payments and creeping operating costs.

Our extensive re-marketing experience ensures that you get the highest resale value for your vehicles. You simply drop off your vehicle at the end of its lease and we look after the rest.

What we do:

  • Tender for auction services
  • Inspect all vehicles before auction; safety and detail as necessary to improve sale price
  • Coordinate vehicle delivery to the auction site
  • Attend and monitor the auction on sale day