VEMA’s main location includes Administration, Full Service Repair Facility, and Light Vehicle Store & Parts.

VEMA Main Location Contact Info:

626 Henry Ave.
Winnipeg, MB   R3A 1P7

General Inquiries
Phone: 204-945-0275
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-363-6693

VEMA also operates six Heavy Duty Shop locations and eight satellite shop locations around Manitoba. Please click here to view the shop locations, phone numbers, and hours of operation.

For all other inquiries, please find the person you would like to contact below. If you don’t see the person you want to contact on this page, click here to view the Manitoba Government Contact Index.

Acting Chief Operating Officer – S. Savage 204-781-7092
Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer – A. Padilla 204-781-7118


General Marketing Inquiries
Acting Manager – R. Hutcheson 204-945-2906

Finance and Administration

Acting Finance Manager  – L. Beaudin 204-945-2328
Accounts Payable – N. Mohamed 204-945-0860
Accounts Receivable – J. Sanders 204-945-5121

Support Services

Acting Support Services Manager – K. Trapp 431-277-2734
Systems Supervisor – D. Kroeker 204-945-4360
Systems Specialist & Webmaster – J. Trudel 204-945-4429

Variable Billings, Vehicle Reporting, Keys Online, Manitoba Government MasterCards

VEMA Meter Reports Email
L. Desousa 204-945-1483
L. Chevrier 204-945-2530


K. Trapp 204-945-0657
L. Chevrier 204-945-2530
L. Desousa 204-945-1483

Heavy Equipment Operations

Acting Manager – A. Fraser 204-918-4096
Mechanical Superintendant, Beausejour / Winnipeg 204-791-2667
Shop Supervisor, Beausejour – K. Stoyka 204-232-7856
Shop Supervisor, Winnipeg – C. Kereliuk 204-945-3336
Shop Supervisor, Brandon – M. Robbins 204-726-6813
Shop Supervisor, Dauphin – L. Deyholos 204-622-2272
Mechanical Superintendant, The Pas/ Thompson – H. Squires 204-679-0326
Shop Supervisor, The Pas – G. Playford 204-627-8279
Shop Supervisor, Thompson 204-677-6550
For New Heavy Equipment Specifications and Orders, contact:
(A)Manager, Heavy Duty Fleet – D. Manirabona
Out of Town Calls for Repair Authorizations, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Equipment 1-800-363-6693

Light Duty Vehicle Operations

Acting Manager – A. Fraser 204-918-4096
Garage Supervisor  – G. O’Connor 204-918-4472
Bodyshop Supervisor – G. O’Connor 204-918-4472
Customer Service Centre 204-945-0275
For New Light Vehicle Specifications and Orders, contact:  Acting Manager, Light Duty Vehicles and Equipment – S. Lanctot 204-391-5866
Acting Assistant to the Fleet Manager J.M. Serceau 204-945-7509
Repair Authorizations, Light Duty Vehicles – B. Radovanovic 204-945-5288
Acting Repair Authorizations, Light Duty Vehicles – J. DeCastro 204-945-5127
Out of Town Calls for Repair Authorizations, Light Duty Vehicles and Equipment 1-800-363-6693


Acting Manager – M. Langenfeld 204-794-9096
A/Purchasing and Heavy Duty Parts Operations – B. Welsh 204-232-7587
Stores Supervisor Beausejour – B. Welsh 204-268-6263
Stores Supervisor Brandon – S. Drohan 204-726-6833
Stores Supervisor Dauphin – K. Urias 204-638-3944
Stores Supervisor The Pas – K. Huculak 204-627-8282
Acting Stores Supervisor Thompson – D. Conner 204-677-6576
Acting Head Storekeeper – Winnipeg -1550 Dublin Avenue – K. Morison 204-945-7575
Stores Supervisor Winnipeg – 626 Henry Avenue – J. Ditz 204-945-5785

Radio Services

Email Radio Services
Winnipeg – Manager – K. Leganchuk 204-945-8988
Winnipeg – Shop Supervisor – T. Fudali 204-945-0663
Dauphin – Shop Supervisor – V. Lachowsky 204-622-2070