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Driver Frequently Asked Questions

If my employer allows me to use a VEMA unit for personal use, how does it affect my income tax?
Click here to see VEMA’s explanation for Understanding Your Automobile Taxable Benefit.

I had my vehicle in for a PM1 service last week. Why did I get a PM Notice saying my vehicle was overdue for a PM1 service?
Two things trigger our Preventive Maintenance (PM) reminders.

  • Time: every six or eight months (depending on which PM Schedule applies to your unit).
  • Your vehicle odometer reading (every 6,000 km).

In most cases the odometer reading triggers first. We rely on regular odometer readings through our monthly distance reporting system and through our Pre-Authorization Service. The PM Service is an exception based trigger–meaning we won’t send your vehicle coordinator a PM notice until your vehicle is over the 6,000 km trigger.

If you’ve received a PM notice after you’ve already had the service performed, one of several things may have happened:

  • You took the vehicle for a PM1 service before you received our PM notice and the service facility didn’t call us for Pre-Authorization. If we don’t receive a call from the service facility, your vehicle’s maintenance history won’t be updated in our system, so we’ll continue to issue the PM notice. If this happens, simply call us to have your vehicle’s maintenance history updated.
  • You took the vehicle in for an unrelated repair and we asked the facility to perform the PM1 service even though the PM notice was just issued. We do this to save you a second trip to the service facility. You can disregard the notice in this case.
  • We had an inaccurate monthly odometer reading. If the monthly odometer reading sent to us is incorrect, your PM notice will be affected. The PM service is one of the reasons why accurate monthly distance reports are so important.

Can I use my Manitoba Government Mastercard to purchase a car wash?

Yes, if the value of the car wash is less than $25. If you are taking your vehicle for a thorough cleaning (shampoo rugs and detail), ask the facility to call VEMA. We’ll ask them to bill VEMA directly and you won’t need to use your Manitoba Government Mastercard. Remember, if you’re in the Winnipeg area, stop by our facility for a quick and thorough cleaning.

How can I get a new vehicle?

You’ll need to contact your vehicle coordinator for new vehicle information. If your organization doesn’t have a central coordinator, call VEMA. We’ll be happy to discuss your new vehicle options.

I lost my rear licence plate. Can I just go to my local Autopac agent?

No. VEMA is your acting MPI agent. We look after all aspects of your vehicle insurance including replacing lost or stolen plates, stickers, registration cards, and renewing your insurance annually.

If you lose a plate, sticker or registration card, please call VEMA. Other agents will not be able to access your vehicle in MPI’s system. We can issue new plates directly from our head office in Winnipeg and have them out to you usually the next business day. Click here for the Replacement License Plate Order Form.

NOTE: VEMA only helps replace license plates for VEMA managed vehicles. To learn how to get replacement license plates for privately owned vehicles in Manitoba, please visit Manitoba Public Insurance at www.mpi.mb.ca. To learn how to get replacement license plates for other provinces or states, please consult your applicable Department of Motor Vehicles or similar organization.

What’s my vehicle unit number?

There are several things you can do to find out your vehicle unit number:

  1. Manitoba Government MasterCard. Unit Number is located on the front of the card near the lower left corner.
  2. Inside door jamb. You’ll find a sticker with your unit number on the inside of the driver’s-side door.
  3. Vehicle registration. Unit Number is located on the vehicle registration document.
  4. Call VEMA. We’ll be happy to look up your unit number for you.

My organization has two VEMA vehicles that we share among several drivers. Can I use the same Manitoba Government MasterCard to buy fuel for both vehicles?
No. You’ll receive one Manitoba Government MasterCard for each vehicle. Our system makes it easy for you to purchase fuel and minor operating supplies. It’s also how we track fuel consumption for every vehicle so it’s very important that you use the right Manitoba Government MasterCard for the right vehicle. If you fuel up using another vehicle’s card, our fuel data, and any reports your organization requests from us, will be flawed. You can easily check that you’re using the correct card by cross-referencing the unit number with your Manitoba Government MasterCard.

My mini-van has a sticker on the driver’s side window that says it’s E85 capable. What is E85 and do I have to do anything different to maintain it?

An E85 vehicle (or flexible fuel vehicle) means that its engine can operate on a combination of fuel types. Your mini van can run on 100% regular unleaded gas, E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) or any mixture in between. Ethanol is a cleaner fuel that emits lower emissions than regular unleaded gas. You shouldn’t experience any differences with driving or maintaining the vehicle.