When Unable to Use VEMA´s Repair Facilities for Service

If you are not close to a VEMA shop, and your vehicle or equipment requires work, please ensure the repair facility calls VEMA at

  • (204) 945-5288
  • (204) 945-5127 or
  • 1-800-363-6693

PRIOR to having any work done. We will review the repair needs and issue an authorization number to the facility to perform the work.

This Pre-Authorization Service helps us keep operational costs and variable rates down. By having the repair facility, or driver, call before the work is done we have the opportunity to ensure that the correct work is being performed, that the estimated cost is within our accepted parameters, and to examine the vehicle’s repair history and compare it to the work to be performed.  This allows us to make decisions about the vehicle and determine if the investment about to be made is a sound one.

VEMA has been in business in Manitoba for over 70 years and has established an excellent network of private sector dealers and maintenance shops throughout the province.  Because of this relationship, and volume of business, VEMA can offer quality service at very competitive prices.  Agreements with major after-market parts suppliers and tire distributors, ensure that VEMA’s discounts are passed through the local garage to our customers. The local garage benefits from the work, without being charged to service our vehicles.