At VEMA, we offer a comprehensive approach to fleet management. We call this our Fleet Management Service, which is included with our Fleet Management Service Leases.

Fleet Management
What We do What it 
Means to You
Keys Reports and Information At the heart of everything we do is Keys™ our management information system. Through Keys, we are able to monitor and capture usage and expense information about every vehicle in our fleet. Upon request, we can provide you with reports about your fleet including use, distance, repair and maintenance data. Ensures all costs are captured when you need the information to make budgeting and management decisions about your transportation dollars.
Manitoba Government MasterCard Distribute one MasterCard for each vehicle.
Replace lost or stolen cards.
Verify and pay fuel purchases.
We bill fuel costs separately.
Eliminates administration for fuel expenses. All bills go
to VEMA.
Easy for drivers, administrators, and planners.
Repair Pre-Authorization Service Repair facilities call VEMA for pre-authorization before repairs or maintenance are done.
Monitor warranties.
Ensures the right repair is made at the right cost.
Preventive Maintenance Service Track and monitor customers’ vehicle history in our management system. Vehicle history and technical expertise of trained customer service staff back all decisions.
Verify any discrepancies with a qualified technician.
Maintain a Preventive Maintenance program for every vehicle in your fleet.
Notify you when a vehicle requires maintenance.
All regular repairs and maintenance are included in your monthly variable rates.
Don’t have to track repair or maintenance costs.
Don’t have to remember maintenance items like oil changes.
Ensures you are not paying for repairs or parts that should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
Coordinate Insurance VEMA is an authorized MPI agent.
Coordinate insurance, registration, and stickers with MPI.
Purchase basic insurance and Special Risk Extension insurance.
Deliver registration cards and stickers by courier or registered mail to you.
Eliminates insurance
Don’t have to remember when to insure or renew insurance.
Incident Management Track and monitor all MPI claims.
VEMA’s Body Shop is an Autopac-accredited
Rely on VEMA experts to guide you through an MPI claim.
Taxable Benefit Service Collect usage information for every driver with personal distance.
For Government of Manitoba customers, calculate and distribute T4 slips for each driver with personal use. For non provincial customers, collect usage and vehicle data, and either perform the calculation and
distribution, or send data directly to you.
Periodically hold information seminars to explain Canada Revenue Agency’s automobile taxable benefit.
Don’t have to collect usage data or generate the T4 slip (provincial customers). Eliminates a significant amount of administration.
VEMA answers questions from drivers.
Invoice Audit and Consolidation Receive all bills for fuel, insurance, repairs and maintenance.
Audit all repair and maintenance invoices for accuracy.
Send you one monthly variable bill for all repairs and maintenance, as well as a bill for fuel. Send you one insurance bill annually (or monthly at your request).
Significantly reduces administration–allows customers to focus on their core business and not vehicle administration.
Consulting Consult with customers to ensure they are ordering the right vehicle to suit their needs.
Meet with customers to discuss their fleet needs and recommend opportunities to reduce costs.
Peace of mind, knowing that your fleet management provider is an expert in the field and has extensive contacts at every level in the industry.
Manage the Vehicle Life Cycle Assist with each part of the vehicle life cycle from Vehicle Selection and Delivery, to Insurance, to Vehicle Operation, to Disposal.
Rely on VEMA to coordinate services with all vendors including: MPI, auto manufacturers, fuel companies, and repair facilities.
Gain access to discounts on fuel, insurance, parts, and tires.
Don’t have to coordinate disposing of vehicles.
Don’t have to identify vehicles that should be replaced.
VEMA is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs.