One of the many services VEMA offers is the use of the VEMA Fuel Card. This fuel/credit card does more than make purchasing fuel easy, it also gives our customers access to negotiated discounts from fuel vendors across Manitoba. Where your drivers purchase fuel affects how much of a discount is realized.

The following is a ranking of fuel vendors by discount offered for the 2016 and 2017 calendar years. Your drivers are encouraged to use the top-ranked fuel vendors whenever possible to minimize fuel costs to your organization.

The reduced fuel prices will not be seen at the pumps as we receive the discount when the fuel vendor bills us for your vehicles’ fuel charges. The discounted amount is the amount that appears on your monthly fuel billing.

Please remind drivers that personal rewards received (eg. Cash Rebates, Air Miles, Petro Points, etc.) at these vendors are not permitted.

(1 is best, 6 is lowest)

Fuel Vendor Ranking
Domo 1
Petro Canada 2
Shell 2
Coop 4
Esso 5
Fas Gas 6