Image of line up of VEMA Ambulances

VEMA provides leasing and fleet management services to a wide range of public sector organizations — including RHAs. We manage approximately 2,600 vehicles across Manitoba.

Frequently Asked Questions About VEMA Ambulance

Who Actually Owns the VEMA Ambulances?
VEMA owns all VEMA ambulances. Manitoba Health, EMS is leasing the ambulances from VEMA.

How Many Ambulances Will VEMA Manage Across the Province? How Many Will my RHA Receive?
In 2001, VEMA signed a contract with Crestline Coach to purchase 80 ambulances in 2001 and 2002. Today VEMA manages over 160 ambulances across Manitoba.

How many ambulances your RHA will receive is up to Manitoba Health. Contact Manitoba Health for more information.

How Can I Tell if an Ambulance is Managed by VEMA?
Each VEMA ambulance is identified by a five digit number. The first two numbers identify the year. 21 indicates 2001 model year ambulances. The third digit in the unit number is 3 which indicates that the vehicle is an ambulance in our fleet. The remaining two numbers are sequential. For example, 21300 was the unit number of the first ambulance delivered.

You’ll find your unit number in a few main areas:

  1. A unit number decal will appear on all three sides of the vehicle.
  2. The unit number is located on the vehicle registration document.
  3. The unit number is located on the front of the unit’s Manitoba Government MasterCard, on the front of the card near the lower left corner.

All VEMA-managed vehicles are also identified by a decal displaying our logo and 1-800 number on the driver’s side window.

What Expenses Are Included With a VEMA Ambulance?
Manitoba Health is paying for the monthly rent of the vehicle and all regular operating expenses including all fuel, regular repairs, maintenance and insurance.

Are We Responsible for Any Expenses?
While Manitoba Health is paying for the bulk of the operating costs, your RHA will be responsible for expenses in two main areas:

  1. Any Health-approved additions to your ambulance are at your expense e.g. cell phone, additional striping/logos. Any additions must also be pre-authorized.
  2. In the event of an accident, your RHA will be responsible for the $500 deductible. This also includes glass repair or replacement.

How Do I Buy Fuel?
Every VEMA ambulance will come with a Manitoba Government MasterCard for fuel purchases. You’ll find your card in the vehicle’s glove compartment. Simply present your Manitoba Government MasterCard when you fill up and all bills will be sent to VEMA. You do not need to collect or submit receipts. Because we’re tracking fuel expenses and consumption by unit number, please use the right Manitoba Government MasterCard to fill up the appropriate ambulance.

What if We Use Our Own Bulk Fueling Facility?
Please let VEMA know if your RHA has its own bulk fueling facility. We will ask the fueling facility to send us an itemized bill for any fuel you purchase at that facility for your VEMA ambulance. We require the unit number, the number of litres dispensed, the fill up date, the price per litre, and the total amount owed. This information can be e-mailed to or mailed to 626 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1P7.

Where Do I Take My VEMA Ambulance for Repairs or Maintenance?
You can take your VEMA ambulance to the repair facility of your choice. You’ll notice that there is a VEMA decal on your driver’s side window with our 1-800 number. Simply ask the facility to call the 1-800 number before starting any repair or maintenance work. Calling the 1-800 number is part of our Outside Repairs Pre-Authorization service and allows us to make sure that the right repair or maintenance item is performed at the least possible cost.

You can also bring your ambulance to VEMA in Winnipeg for all your repairs and maintenance if convenient. VEMA’s Repair Facility operates 36 service bays and a body shop. We’re also a Crestline-authorized warranty repair depot. Simply call our 1-800 to arrange an appointment. All ambulances receive priority #1 service at VEMA. You’ll find our repair facility at 626 Henry Avenue (at the corner of Sherbrook, Logan and Henry). Click here to view our locations and hours.

Do Drivers Need to Pay for Any Work Done on a VEMA Ambulance?
No. When a repair facility calls for Repair Pre-Authorization, our Customer Service Representative will give the facility an authorization number to authorize the charge. The facility will send the bill to VEMA for payment. Again your driver does not need to collect or submit receipts.

Where Can We Take Our Ambulance for a Wash and How Do We Pay for It?
If it’s convenient, you can also bring your ambulance to VEMA for a wash. Simply drive in door number 4 and see our Service Reception staff. We’ll arrange to have your ambulance cleaned while you wait.

If you’re not in the Winnipeg area, you can take your ambulance to your favourite car wash. Charge it to your Manitoba Government MasterCard if the cost of the wash is under $25. If the cost of the wash is greater than $25, ask the facility to send the bill to VEMA.

Do We Still Have to Remember Maintenance Items Like When Our Next Oil Change Is Due?
No. VEMA will track all usage and expense information on each of your VEMA-managed ambulances. Your RHA contact will receive a Preventive Maintenance (PM) notice for any overdue service, including oil changes and commercial truck inspections. A complete copy of our Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Ambulance (PDF) is available here. If you ever want to know when your next service is due, simply call us with your unit number and we can quickly give you an update.

Is There Anything VEMA Needs From Us?
Yes, there is one piece of information we need from you. At the start of each month, please send us a month ending odometer reading for each of your VEMA-managed ambulances.

To make reporting your monthly distance a simple and easy process, we created a software program called Fleet Vehicle Reporting (FVR). FVR allows you to record and send odometer information directly to VEMA.

You can get more information about FVR by calling 204-945-0990 or 204-945-1483.

Can I Insure My VEMA Ambulance?
Your VEMA ambulance will be outfitted and ready to go when you arrive to pick it up — that includes insurance. Since VEMA is its own MPI agent, we plate and insure all vehicles from our 626 Henry location. VEMA will also mail your new stickers and registration before your insurance expires.

Can I Buy Down the Deductible?
No. Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has ruled that the deductible for an ambulance operating in Manitoba can not be bought down below the $500 level.

What Happens if Our VEMA Ambulance Is In An Accident or Incident?
Click here to view VEMA Accident/Incident Procedures.

While your ambulance is under warranty, please call the manufacturer’s 1-800 roadside assistance number if you are in a situation where you need a tow. The manufacturer will not cover the cost if you arrange for the tow yourself.

Can We Have All of Our Ambulances Managed By VEMA?
Yes. We sell our Fleet Management Service package to customers who own their own vehicles. The service includes our Repair Pre-Authorization Service, Manitoba Government MasterCard, Preventive Maintenance tracking and notification, Invoice Consolidation, and access to expense and usage reports.

Please call (204) 945-3309 for more information about our Fleet Management Service package, or click here to view our Leases and Fleet Management information.