To Vehicle Coordinators:

Attached is VEMA’s new Additional Equipment/Accessories Request Form.

This form must now be completed for all additional equipment and/or accessories your organization may want installed on a VEMA vehicle. This will help us ensure consistency within our fleet.

The form provides for authorization (Director and Vehicle Coordinator) prior to installation of equipment and/or accessories on your VEMA vehicle/s and equipment. The form is to be filled out electronically, printed and authorized. Once this has been completed, a copy of the form must be sent to VEMA – fax to (204) 957-1109, attention Repair Audit Technicians. A second copy is sent to the requestor. The requestor can then take the form to a VEMA shop or outside vendor for the equipment/accessories installation.

This process will keep VEMA’s vehicle and equipment specifications up-to-date and will assist us in further standardizing our fleet in an effort to reduce expenditures.

Please make all areas within your Department/Organization aware of this new process.

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact Sean Savage at (204) 781-7092 or by email at

Thank you.

Al Franchuk
Chief Operating Officer