Manitoba Government Fuel MASTERCARD Frequently Asked Questions

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Manitoba Government MASTERCARD (One card only per unit)

To make purchasing fuel and other small operating expenses easy for drivers all vehicles under a Fleet Management Service Agreement include the use of one Manitoba Government MasterCard credit card per vehicle. The Manitoba Government MasterCard is equipped with a chip and PIN and allowed only four incorrect PIN attempts. They will be blocked after four incorrect PIN attempts. If you are using a Manitoba Government MasterCard, all bills will be sent directly to VEMA for payment.

Q. Can I use the tap feature?
A. You cannot use the tap feature on the Manitoba Government MasterCard. The PIN will need to be entered for each transaction.

Q. I forgot my PIN and have exhausted my four PIN attempts, what do I do?
A. The PIN cannot be reset. If you forget your PIN, a new Manitoba Government MasterCard may need to be issued. Please contact your vehicle coordinator.

Allowable Charges – Buying and Operating Supplies

You can use your Manitoba Government MasterCard to purchase all fuel and minor operating supplies. Non-fuel purchases cannot exceed $25 without pre-authorization from VEMA. Please call VEMA to arrange pre-authorization.

Q. Can I use my Manitoba Government MasterCard to purchase a car wash?
A. Yes. If the value of the car wash is less than $25. If you are taking your vehicle for a thorough cleaning (shampoo rugs and detail), do not use the Manitoba Government MasterCard, ask the facility to call VEMA for pre-authorization and a PO number.

Q. Can I use my Manitoba Government MasterCard for purchasing windshield washer fluid and oil?
A. You can charge any top up fluids such as windshield washer fluid and oil or small auto related items such as bulbs. Battery purchases and Oil changes are not to be charged to the Manitoba Government MasterCard. Ask facility to call VEMA to arrange pre-authorization and a PO number for any service work or large auto related purchases such a battery.

Replacing Lost or Stolen Cards

If lost or stolen, contact VEMA and your vehicle coordinator immediately.

Q. Is there a cost associated with replacing a Manitoba Government MasterCard credit card and how quickly can it be replaced?
A. Coordinators have two options to choose from for a credit card replacement.
Option 1: Standard – 14 to 18 days wait at no cost.
Option 2: Rush – 5 to 8 days wait at a cost of $75 per card.

Q. I am at the fueling station and I’ve just realized I’ve lost my Manitoba Government MasterCard, after I’ve fueled up my vehicle. What do I do?
A. You are responsible for payment. Through your coordinator VEMA will reimburse you. Send a copy of your receipt along with your completed MB Expense claim form signed by your supervisor with all information including your Unit and Plate number directly to your Coordinator.

Q. Can I use my Manitoba Government MasterCard to pay for another unit in my department’s fuel if they forgot or lost theirs?
A. No. Most Manitoba Government MasterCards are unit specific. VEMA units are assigned their own Manitoba Government MasterCard. If it is misplaced or lost and they are at the same station as you, they will still have to pay for the fuel themselves and be reimbursed by VEMA through the Coordinator using a MB Expense claim.

Q. My organization has two VEMA vehicles that we share among several drivers. Can I use the same Manitoba Government MasterCard to buy fuel for both vehicles?
A. No. VEMA owned or managed units will have received one unit specific Manitoba Government MasterCard.

Personal Rewards and Accounts

Q. Can I use my Personal Rewards Cards and Accounts?
A. No. Manitoba Government MasterCard cannot be used in conjunction with personal reward incentives.

Buying Fuel in the United States

Q. Can I use my Manitoba Government MasterCard to purchase fuel or anything else in the United States?
A. Authorization is required. Contact your vehicle coordinator for US travel.


VEMA has made a change to its Light Division Preventative Maintenance Program for all vehicles that are equipped with diesel engines.

In order to be more aligned with the manufacturer’s schedule, we have increased the PM1 service from 6,000 kms to 12,000 kms. The PM1 service interval will remain at 8 months.

The PM1 is the only maintenance that has been changed on this program.

We are in the process of reviewing our Light Division Preventative Maintenance Program for gas engines, and will keep you updated with these changes.

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E85 Fuel Has Been Discontinued

Graphic illustration to show how the 1999 CEPA pollution prevention act impacts Canadians, the environment, and the economy

Late last fall Husky Energy discontinued supplying E85 fuel in Manitoba as well as other
provinces in western Canada due to new Renewable Fuel Regulations under the Canadian
Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). As a result, VEMA is no longer able to provide E85 fuel at our 1550 Dublin Avenue site in Winnipeg.

VEMA will continue to seek out sources of E85 fuel. However, as a convenience for you, E10 fuel will be available at the 1550 Dublin Avenue site later this month. Your VEMA fuel card can be used at this location.

We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sean
Savage at (204) 781-7092 or by email at