Image of gas pump and checklist for VEMA fuel consumption checklist tips

Managing thousands of vehicles and equipment means managing a very large quantity of fuel. The ever-rising cost of fuel has the potential of driving up vehicle operating costs. To help reduce gas consumption, Vehicle and Equipment Management Agency (VEMA) suggests the following be considered:

  • Check out our Preferred Fuel Vendors list for maximum cost savings.
  • Have the right vehicle for the job. Sometimes a compact vehicle can perform the task as easily as a full size vehicle. VEMA can assist with the specification.
  • Promote pooled vehicle use within and between organizations. Why have three vehicles travel to a job site when two will do?
  • VEMA can supply exception reports to assist departments monitor abnormal fuel consumption. Poor vehicle condition or poor driving habits can be identified.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained. VEMA’s Preventive Maintenance Program will assist with this important aspect.
  • Discuss with VEMA the installation of mesh tailgates, where applicable, to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Determine if benefits are available through the use of alternate fuels such as natural gas, propane, or diesel. VEMA can assist with this decision.
  • Think about other ways to conserve fuel and forward ideas to your Vehicle Coordinator and/or